Sunday, January 22, 2017

Year of the Rooster - Part 3

Two from Barbara D:

One from Bertha:

Four from Constance:

Four from Ellen:

Four from Gail:

Four from Phillip:

Three from Susan:

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Dear Mail Art Swappers, 

I am enjoying the privilege of moderating this mail art group.  
The talent and creativity of so many participants amazes and humbles me.  
Let me assure you that I take my responsibilities 
as blog site administrator seriously. 

Recently there seems to be an increase in group swap pieces
being made on a cardboard base, 
especially with the active Packaging Materials Group Swap.  
By "cardboard" I mean anything thicker 
than two or three layers of card stock/index card paper.

I am not ready to ban cardboard at this time, although 
each swap host has the option to prohibit cardboard 
from use in a particular mail art swap.  
(Check each group swap description for details.)

Automated postal sorting machines will bend your piece at a 
45-degree angle through lightning-fast equipment,
unless it is designated as "unmachineable"
by affixing unmachineable/extra postage.

 Pieces with insufficient postage require someone 
to make up the difference, and that usually 
turns out to be the swap host who pays out of his or her own pocket.
This shortage can become burdensome 
to those who volunteer to facilitate group swaps. 
Fortunately there are a few swappers who include
extra postage stamps in their mailings,
and this helps.

Post cards larger than 4+1/4" x 6", round or square pieces, or heavily embellished (thick/chunky/bulky) pieces also require extra postage.   

I recommend that you take your individual pieces 
to the post office to have them weighed for proper postage 
before putting them into an envelope for a group swap. 
If you can't get to the post office ahead of mailing, 
it would be helpful if you included non-machinable rate stamps 
and extra postage to help cover the costs the swap host 
will face when preparing your mail for redistribution.

This might be a good opportunity to remind everyone that inadequate glue adhesion or sealing of collaged pieces will make damage 
or loss in the mail a very distinct possibility. 
(You may request that your pieces be mailed to their 
new home in an envelope which you would
provide, along with any necessary padding 
and adequate postage.)

Every now and then a host receives group swap pieces 
with no postage included at all.
Kindly double check to be sure that you have enclosed 
adequate postage in your mailing.
Thank you.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Make A Snowman - Part 3

Three from Honi:

Three from Joanne McC:

Three from Kathie McC:

Two from Lynn McI:

Four from Penny N;

Four from Sarah C:

Three from Teresa S: