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MMSA Group Business

Hi Everyone,  

I hope you are happily preparing for festive celebrations with family and friends during the fast-approaching holidays.

Here are some "business" matters which I wanted to share with participants and hosts of our group mail art swaps:

Group Swap Hosts - Please allow extra time for International mail to arrive before sending out the exchanged art, as there have been some recent unexpected delivery delays.

International Group Swap Participants - Please contact the group swap hosts to let them know that your art is in transit, so that they can watch (wait) for it.

Pending Postal Changes - I am researching impending changes regarding International mail classification/postage costs.  All I know so far is that anything included in your envelopes to foreign mail artists that is not a "document" may have to be sent as a "packet" at a higher rate.  

In other words, unless it's "just" a letter or a post card, the contents may be considered "goods" and charged accordingly.  Whether this pertains to included Washi samples, ATC's, tags, return envelopes, postage stamps, unused tea bags, decorated papers or ephemera, remains to be determined.

Obviously we need more details.  I will post them when I have them.   I hope the planned changes will not discourage the exchange of wonderful mail art with our International friends.   

All good wishes,  Honi

Monday, November 13, 2017

Purple & Silver - Part 4

Two from Barbara D:

Four from Beau:

Two from Constance:

Two from Joyce B:

Four from Kathryn:

Four from Patrice: